Ryan Cockrell

Ryan is a Director at Lunch & Recess.

"The House That We Grew Up In" The Weeks


Artist: The Weeks
Director: Ryan Cockrell
Composer: Cain Barnes, Cyle Barnes, Damien Bone, Sam Williams, The Weeks
Record Label: Serpents and Snakes
(C) 2012 Serpents and Snakes Records

Mississippi-based Southern rock quintet the Weeks were formed by Cain Barnes (drums, percussion), Cyle Barnes (lead vocals), Damien Bone (bass), and Sammy D (lead guitar, glockenspiel, piano, vocals). The youthful group was signed to the Esperanza Plantation label, which released the Weeks' debut album, Comeback Cadillac, on July 8, 2008, at which time the average age of the group members was only 18.